Parrots Forever
Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation
Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation is located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a non-profit volunteer based organization dedicated to providing the opportunity for a safe dignified life to unwanted, neglected, abused or retiring companion parrots. The needs of the individual parrot always comes first, whether it is permanent sanctuary, foster care or finding a suitable new forever home. We rely on donations, fund raising, grants, and endowments, to provide medical care, proper cages, food, and toys for our sanctuary parrots.  

Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation provides support and educational resources for new and existing parrot owners. Our aim is to heighten public awareness of the plight of endangered parrot species in the wild and to illustrate the reality of living with and caring for companion parrots. For people wanting to have a parrot in their life, we offer alternatives to buying from a pet store or breeder. People in our Foster Parent Program have the opportunity to learn about various species of parrots and their care without making a lifelong commitment. Acquiring a parrot through our Stewardship Program offers the opportunity to ensure that a good relationship with the parrot is possible before making a lifetime commitment.  
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