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Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation is a volunteer based non-profit organization.  We greatly appreciate any and all donations.  All donations go directly to the care of needy parrots.  At this time, we are in the process of being recognized as a registered charity under the CRA and cannot yet issue tax receipts for donations.

We are currently accepting donations of medium and large sized parrot cages.  Not every bird cage may be suitable to house a parrot.  The cage must be large enough to house a parrot and not have any rust or broken parts.  The cage must be functional a provide a proper home for a parrot.  We can arrange for pick-up of suitable cages within a 100km radius of either Edmonton or Calgary.

Gift Cards from grocery stores and pet stores such as PetSmart or PJ's are greatly appreciated.  These cards help to cover the cost of providing fresh fruit, vegetables, a variety of shell-on nuts, and sunflower seeds to the parrots daily, as well as fortified seed, pellets, toys, and perches.

If you wish to support Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation with a monetary gift, please click on the Donate button below.  This will take you to the secure PayPal Site.  Monetary donations are the most flexible and useful in our daily operations and are always greatly appreciated.  Donations go directly to health care and feeding of the parrots and help to pay the vet bills that are incurred with every parrot that comes to us.

We are looking for sponsorship for incoming parrots that have been relinquished to us through our Sanctuary & Re-Homing Program.  If you would like to donate on a case by case basis for individual parrots that are relinquished to us, please go to our Sponsorship Program page.

Thank you for donating in any way that you can.  All donations, large or small, are valued and go to providing for a parrot in need.

Balboa is a 22-year-old wild-caught scarlet macaw residing in permanent sanctuary with us. He was blind in one eye and had very limited vision in the other because of cataracts. Left untreated, the cataracts would have permanently damaged his eyes and resulted in total blindness.

After surgery, he can see much better. He tracks movement, squints in bright light, and steps up without having to feel with his beak. He can now look forward to another 40 or more years, happy and playing with toys-instead of cowering in a world that would have turned completely dark without surgical intervention.

Will you help? The Foundation incurred a huge financial obligation to accomplish this. Please click the Donate button below to take you to PayPal. Click the "Thank you for helping a parrot in need" link at PayPal and leave a message indicating that your donation is for Balboa.

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