Parrots Forever

The relationship of parrots and people has a long history and crosses many cultures. This relationship can be very fulfilling and joyful for both the parrot and the human, or it can be fraught with difficulties and unhappiness. Either way, it is not a simple relationship, and it requires concessions and compromises. It is the parrot who enters the relationship at a disadvantage, having neither asked to be a pet nor to live in a cage for its entire existence. Therefore it is the human who must make all the necessary changes, for the rest of the parrot's life, to make the relationship successful. As in any relationship, there are differing perspectives. On one hand, there is the human perspective of owning a parrot. On the other hand, there is the parrot's point of view.  

  • by M.L.Savoy, BSc, MLT, Parrots Forever, 2012

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