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Life shapes and defines us.  The path that life offers us in not always straight and easy.  This is true for parrots as well as people.  The difference is that people generally have choices and the opportunities to affect changes in their life and environment, caged parrots do not.  Captive parrots are prisoners, slaves to fate and the whims of the people who own them.  They can not choose their owner, their cage, or their food.   Some parrots will live very fortunate lives and will only know happiness and security, others are at the other end of the spectrum and know only anxiety, pain and unhappiness.  Most are somewhere in the middle, experiencing both extremes during their long lifetimes.  Whatever their life experience may be, Nature never intended for them to live their lives alone in a cage.

The parrots under the care of Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation come from all walks of life.  Large or small, young or old, healthy or sick, happy or sadly abused by life, all are welcome here.  Our aim is to ensure that those parrots which are happy, healthy and well adjusted remain that way and do not ever have to endure the lows that many parrots experience in their life.  For those parrots already battered by sad, lonely life, we offer the opportunity to live their remaining days in dignity and security in a healing environment.  All of the parrots in our care are micro chipped and remain under the aegis of our Foundation for  the remainder of their lives. 

Captive parrots can never be set free and released to the wild.  Some can not or do not want to live with other parrots.  A life as nature intended is impossible for captive parrots, but we can provide the best possible life for each individual parrot in our care, with the opportunity for healing, growth and change.  That is why we exist.  It is all about the parrots.  

The Rescue part of our Foundation is not just for neglected abused parrots.  It is also to ensure that young, happy and well adjusted parrots to not enter the ranks of the neglected and abused.  This is accomplished through our Parrot Stewardship Program by placing parrots into fully screened and monitored adoptive families suitable to the parrot's needs.  Those parrots which come to us with emotional or behavior issues are placed with approved Foster families where their issues can be assessed, their needs determined, and healing can begin.  Most of these parrots will be able to be transitioned into adoptive homes.  The most damaged parrots may never heal enough for adoption to be possible.  These parrots will be given permanent sanctuary in a situation most appropriate to their needs.

Our Sanctuary is also for parrots whose owners have paid a placement fee to ensure that the parrot will have a good home with qualified care for the rest of the parrot's life.  These Legacy parrots are never offered for adoption but have a permanent place in the sanctuary.  

  • by M.L.Savoy, BSc, MLT, Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation, 2012

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