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Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation is looking for sponsorship for incoming parrots that have been relinquished to us in our Sanctuary and Re-Homing Program.

The Parrot Sponsorship Program is on a case by case basis and is whatever the sponsor can afford.  This money is used to support the costs of admittance, vet check, micro chip placement, and the daily cost of providing the parrot with fresh fruit and vegetables, fortified seed, and pellet supplements for the first 60 to 90 days in our Foster Program.  Parrots are relinquished to us for various reasons and, depending on the parrot's history, health and psychological condition, the cost involved in admitting and fostering each parrot can vary widely.  Some parrots will come from very good homes and the cost associated with them will be minimal.  Others, coming from less adequate caregivers, will require more time and possibly more vet care.  The costs associated with these parrots can be much higher and the time spent in foster care can be up to a year or longer.

People who wish to be involved in this program will be placed on a list of Sponsors.  They will be contacted when we have a parrot coming in that will require sponsorship, told how much money is needed, and asked if they are willing or able to help at this time.  People who are donating through this program may only be able to afford one parrot per year, but they may sponsor as many parrots as they like.  In extreme cases, it may require several sponsors to provide for one parrot.

If you are interested in further information about being a part of our Parrot Sponsorship Program, please contact us and someone will call or email you within 24 to 48 hours.  

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