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Nano & Pico
"Nano & Pico" are bonded male White Belly Caiques and are approximately 5 years old. Nano & Pico were purchased from a pet store in 2010 and have had two homes. Nano & Pico's family of 1 year was no longer able to care for them due to the caregiver's busy schedule. Nano & Pico were released to Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation on October 1, 2015. Nano & Pico are sweet natured parrots, but very gregarious and can be a handful. Both Nano & Pico are very well socialized, do not have any neurotic or aggressiveness issues, and they love to cuddle. Since being in foster care, Nano & Pico have shown themselves to be extremely friendly birds with good manners and attitude. Nano & Pico are a bonded pair and will only be stewardship together. Nano & Pico have adjusted well to living in a home where they are both respected and treated like a part of the family. Nano prefers men and & Pico prefers women, but each do like both men and women and are very friendly with everybody. Nano & Pico will need a home where they will continue to be treated calmly, fairly, and feel that they are part of the family. Nano & Pico have been seen by Dr. Gordey, have been mini-microchipped, and are in excellent health.
Forever Home Status: Nano & Pico have no issues and are adjusting well to foster care. The pair will be available for stewardship December 1, 2015.
Update: Nano & Pico have found their forever home.
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