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Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation

If you have a parrot that you are no longer able to care for or can not find a suitable home for, and wish to entrust your parrot to Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation, we will accept your parrot with a commitment to finding a compatible new home suitable to the parrot's needs. All adopting families are screened carefully through an extensive interview and home visit process and must agree to be periodically monitored after adopting one of our parrots. Adopted parrots remain under the aegis of Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation for their entire life span, and are returned to us if their new family can not care for them for any reason at any time. No parrot entrusted to Parrots Forever will ever be sold or used for breeding.

In order to maintain our high standards of care for the parrots relinquished to us, Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation normally charges a Relinquishment Fee for each parrot accepted into our Sanctuary and Re-homing Program. This fee helps to offset the cost of vet care and feeding the parrot while it is in our care. However, we currently have a sponsor that is willing to cover the Relinquishment Fee for one parrot per year. At this time we will take in one parrot in 2017 where the former caregiver will have their Relinquishment Fee paid for. All parrots will receive a standard vet check within 45 days of acceptance and all, except for very small parrots, will be micro-chipped. Parrots will be placed with one of our approved foster families to assess them for any stress or psychological issues and to determine any special requirements. Depending on the parrot's needs and circumstances, it may take some time before the parrot is ready to find a new home. These parrots will remain in foster care until a compatible permanent home can be found.  Some parrots may be found to have special needs which make them unsuitable for adoption and will be given permanent sanctuary.

To relinquish a parrot to Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation, please complete the Sanctuary and Re-Homing Admitting Form and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Please note that this is only an initial form and that we will require additional information when we contact you. All information provided to Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation is strictly confidential and will only be viewed by board members reviewing the application.

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