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This page contains links to interesting videos about parrots. 
  • Birds of a Feather: Parrot Segment from CBS Sunday Morning 6/21/2009:  A discussion of the unwanted parrot crisis in the USA but relevant to the situation in Canada and Worldwide.
  • Macaw Betty in Parakeet Cage 17 Years :  The story of a rescued unwanted Macaw.
  • The Garuda Aviary - A realistic overview of the journey of captive parrots from egg to sanctuary.
  • The Captive Bird Campaign:  The exotic bird trade and the unwanted parrot crisis.
  • So you want a parrot?:  A reality check on the noise and mess of living with a HAPPY parrot.
  • 6 Noisy Parrots - Unaware they were being caught on tape!:  The noise doesn't stop because no one is around, not neighbor friendly.
  • PARROT INTELLIGENCE: DR. PEPPERBERG with AFRICAN GREYS GRIFFIN, ALEX & EINSTEIN:  An illustration of the intelligence and comprehension ability of parrots.
  • The Story of "Lucky" - July 27, 2009:  Interview with the author of "Lucky", the story of the capture, rehabilitation and release of a wild caught Lorikeet in Indonesia.
  • RESCUE THE BIRDS: PARROT RESCUE, REHABILITATION and THE ADOPTION PROCESS:  An interview with the directors of a Rescue in the USA.
  • Parrot Confidential A realistic and somewhat disturbing effect of parrots as pets.
  • Heidi Fleiss Parrot Diary 1 Heidi Fleiss explains in a very short and concise way the unnatural bond that develops between a captive parrot and their owner.
  • Avian Adoption Service - Parrots First Rose Levine the Executive Director and Founder of Parrots First explains some of the problems of having captive parrots as a pet.
  • Psychic Parrot A 9min video by Rupert Sheldrake and his controlled experiment in the psychic powers of animals. 
  • The Unexplained Powers of Animals is a short lecture by Rupert Sheldrake.

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