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We are registered as a non-profit foundation under the Societies Act in Alberta, Canada.  Our Foundation is dedicated to providing the opportunity for the best possible life to all companion parrots. Whether through education of parrot owners in order to improve a parrot's current situation, by offering permanent sanctuary, foster homes, or by mediating the establishment of a new Forever Home through our Stewardship Program, we are here for the parrots. Dr. Pam Gordey at Riverbend Veterinary Clinic in Edmonton has graciously agreed to be the Foundation's veterinarian and we use her services for all of our parrots' medical needs and for general advice about parrot care.

Parrots Forever Sanctuary & Rescue Foundation is volunteer based and we are currently looking for volunteers in many areas. In particular, we are seeking volunteers for our Foster Parent Program. Parrot experience is not required as we will provide education and guidance.  

            To the World, You are just one person.  To a captive parrot, You are the World.
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